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About Us

At Mean Green Hydroseeding, our mission is to create effective erosion control practices, through safety, education and practice enabling us to succeed in environmental stewardship goals.”

Owner Chris Orinick
With almost 2 decades in Erosion Control and excavation field he brings the ability to read a site and create a plan that will lead to success. Creating a team aspect and an enjoyable work environment has lead to decade long relationships with customers and vendors.

Lead Estimator: Caleb Hamrick 
Caleb brings knowledge to our team, with years in the hydroseeding industry he is able to blend a recipe for success for any site. Caleb’s views on soil health, and cutting edge materials in the industry lead us to use the best of the best for our customers. With over a decade of seed and fertilizer research he can custom blend the seed blend that grows our vision of sustainability and environmental stewardship.  

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Mean Green Hydroseeding offers various services: Hydro-Seeding, Erosion Control, Maintenance Services. Our services can be used for many applications: Golf Course Construction, Roadside Work, Commercial and Industrial Jobs, Retention Ponds, Sports Fields, Residential Home Sites, Erosion Control.


  • 1343 Chaplin Rd
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